Are we just going to #gossip and #gossip and #gossip or we get #shoot at sight orders #Death for #rapists, at all costs

Apr 13, 2018, 2:35 pm, by: moGossip articles

Guess its high time when #wethepeople move beyond #gossips #debates #candlemarch. Be it #Nirbhayacase, the brutal gang rape and murder of a 15-year-old dalit girl in  Kurukshetra / Chandigarh or now the #unnaorapecase, the #KathuaRapeCase / #AsifaRapeCase; not to forget the numerous incidences which happen daily and go unreported or trending. There seems to be no end; as #humanbeings are no more #humans but have moved to a category worse than being termed as #animal -as animals still have certain practices while living in a jungle ecosystem.  

If shoot at sight order / #Death for rapists, at all costs is difficult, then best is to make #Femalefoeticide legal. However, outrageous it may sound but it surely is better than seeing and listening to harrowing and gruesome details of how a 6 moth old , 2 year old, 8 year old ....12year old  being drugged and raped and raped before being killed  each and every day. Anyone raising the voice or lodging FIR - a full stop to his life for good in connivance with the samaritans of law and order. 

Its a mental sickness which has its roots much deeper and overnight solutions via PR Campaigns and Celebrity Endorsements and Political jumlebazi, will not lead to much. 
In fact campaigns on getting rulings and Laws passed via mass signatures have proved to be futile. We can be rest assured, to no outcome, if the "SYSTEM" itself is hand in glove. When soul and consciousness are on 'SALE' and its just the madness for POWER and MONEY, amongst each one of US; the road shall lead to nowhere.  However, pessimistic it may sound,  'sitting on the fence', can never ever make one realize, what 'living on the edge', is all about!.

Sun shines and Sun sets; no two days are the same ....there is always dawn post the dusk ..twilight after the pitch darkness; but if blindness- apathy engulfs our social fabric; there is systems paralysis-  changing current status quo is a far fetched DREAM; however it is said DREAMS do come TRUE and thence the wait continues for LIFE and HUMANITY ......