Stephen Hawking; the genius, his unbelievable net worth and his divorce in 2006

Apr 2, 2018, 2:32 pm, by: moGossip articles

Stephen Hawking the greatest mind we have had since Einstein breathed his last on March 14th 2018. The world spoke of his genius mind and the inspiration that he was.  From the limited life-expectancy that was declared to him in his twenties, he ruled the scientific world from a wheelchair despite being diagnosed with ALS (an auto-immune disorder) and at the time of his death, his net worth as per the official figures was 20 million dollars or 14.3 million pounds. Though Hawkins did not believe in hoarding wealth, he knew that his earnings were precious to him as he was able to afford care.

However, if gossips are to be believed, Hawking’s actual net-worth is close to 90 million dollar. According to the trending gossips, Hawking never revealed his profits from his books or the money he made from public appearances and product promotions. His wealth is rumoured to be more than what the official figures state. No matter what the amount, media reports suggest  that a significant amount of his earnings will go towards the foundation that he has established- The Stephen Hawking Foundation- that supports research in physics and research and work undertaken towards motor neuron diseases. His wealth will also be shared by his three children.

Though, post his death, his quotes and his life-story were trending on the internet, along with  talks of his net-worth and the speculations on his wealth gain and on his divorce from his wife and love of many years, Elaine Mason which happened in 2006 wherein its is rumoured that Elaine received a 7-figure whooping pay as alimony after the divorce.

Speculations have always been there and post his death rife; that Hawking never confessed his original net worth as other than his income as Professor and Director of Research at Cambridge University a whopping amount of his income came from the sales of numerous books he had authored, some of which sold millions of copies. Throughout his lifetime, his earnings depended on teaching and writing, apart from the various public-appearances and conferences he has attended.   It is rumoured that other than profits from his books etc., winning prize money of 3 million dollars from a Russian Foundation for his work on black-hole radiation and the process of accumulating wealth, changed his nature and was probably the reason for his divorce.