Haryana joins the death-penalty bandwagon for child offenders. Will other states join too?

March 26, 2018 by Shivani Srivastava moGossip articles

With the recent sexual crimes against children on the rise, several state governments have announced taking steps , to address the same with few States, having unanimously passed a bill that awards death sentence to child offenders if proven guilty.

Madhya Pradesh government was the first in the country to implement the law. This was followed by Rajasthan and now Haryana. All three of the states are currently ruled by the BJP Government.

Opposition from Church-Suspicious

While there were detailed arguments about the laws and if laws and punishments, could curb child molestation and assault in the future. Though, experts are divided in their opinion of expecting results out of the law, however the voices of opposition that arose from the Church,  least expected of places; have raised suspicion and questions wide across.

What it is interesting to note is that the Christian fraternity and the Church have been vocal about crimes by children in India and on children,  on many occasions but this remark from the church is very unwelcoming.

The Archbishop of Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh condemned the passing of the law and said in a statement that the Catholic Church is against the decision of the assembly. According to him he said that law would be useless because rape happens for various reasons.


Missionaries Vs Right Wing: Connecting the Dots

All the three states that passed the law are ruled by the BJP. Ever since the BJP came to power, the Church and the activities of the missionaries in India have been under threat. It started with the government banning a few NGOs run by missionaries on acts of suspicion.

The Government has a viewpoint that these missionaries try to curb the developmental activities of the government by instilling fear among the public. This may be true as the missionaries are sponsored by the governments of Western countries that consider India’s growth as a threat.

The Church has been trying its best to cut-down the right-wing popularity. From spreading false news on the EVM machines being hampered to fake news of Hindu extremism taking its roots in all corners of the country. Speaking ill about all major reforms of the BJP government has been regular with the missionaries.The opposition of the Archbishop to this law too follows the same pattern.


The people whose opinion really matters in this issue is that of the legal experts. There are fears of misuse of the law, however punishments are there for a reason and that is to reduce the crime rate. We hope this law does that too.   

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