Trending #DeleteFacebook: There is no free meal and this comes straight from the #FacebookDataScandal

Mar 23, 2018, 12:47 pm, by: Shivani Srivastava

With more whistleblowers and expert opinions against the corporate giant, could this mean a downward spiral for the biggest social media network?

And with more more stories including the impact on #Indiaelection2014 and #Biharelections coming out in the public, there seems to be more cats in the bag not only for US but for India too!

It all started with the explosive reports by the Observer and the Guardian; that the personal data of about 50 million Americans had been harvested and improperly shared with Datamining firm Cambridge Analytica, which was later used for President Trump’s election campaign. The information was obtained with the help of several smartphone applications.

The Debate on the Data Leak- Did it help spread Trumps Popularity is one question, however the outrage wide across is not just against the leak, but also the usage of data for improper purposes. During the US Presidential elections, though all exit polls predicted Democrats rule and Hillary Rodham Clinton, almost there to be the President elect; the word around hush huh quarters was; that Social Media (and now it gets clear that this data of 50 million US FB Users) was used by Trumps campaigners that led to the last minute rise in his popularity and possibly an effect on the final outcome. This data might have played a small but significant role in shaping-up last minute election strategies by the Trump camp that led to his win.

With stumbling stocks and large public backlash; Facebook is currently on damage control mode, however, what is intriguing is that the purpose for which the data were used. The user identities, which were harvested without the permission of the users, were used to create psychographic profiles that were used in Trump’s campaign. 

]The President’s win may or may not have to do with this data leak but it becomes a serious cause of concern - where all these Data Intelligence and Data Mining is leading to for the common man.  And here referring to the recent quote of Steve Bannon- Trump’s ex-chief strategist becomes quiet relevant: “You’re all serfs. Well paid serfs, but still serfs ... The data is all out there, they [Facebook] take your stuff for free and monetize it for huge margins, they take over your life."