Abraam Pandey : I love my dog MAX

March 7, 2018 by Tarun Jain moGossip articles

When the whole world, specially the social networking platforms, were buzzing with love posts and pictures, actor Abraam Pandey was celebrating Valentine's day with his pet dog Max. When asked Abraam says,"I have Max in my life for the last one year and he is a bundle of joy to me. Right now am single and I do focus in my work a lot. I see a lot of love posts and pictures on social networking platforms but am not sure how many of them will be together next year.

People are more involved in posting their romantic selfies. I feel they should focus more on the time they are spending together. In today's time we all lead a very stressful life and one should take out time for their near and dear ones. To me my valentine day was fulfilled as Max my dog was with me the whole day. An actor's life is not easy. Either we are shooting or we are discussing our next project, going to gym and meeting people. So whenever I get some time off I give my time to Max and he also gives me unconditional love. It is rightly said that dog is human's best friend. I love my dog Max!"

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