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February 15, 2018 moGossip articles

The Indian Television industry is one that is filled with action. There is something interesting happening there every day. From new shows to new hook-ups and break-ups, the Telly industry is a haven for scuttlebutt.

Here are a few latest happenings and juicy grapevine from the Indian television world.

 Would Hina Khan enter Bollywood?

After her stint in The Big Boss 2017, Hina Khan has become an internet rage. Battling bias and judgments in the house, Hina went about capturing hearts. Though the inmates in the house did not take a liking to her, she won the public admiration.

We hear Bollywood bigwigs are impressed by her fan following and are keen to rope her in for a supporting role if not a leading role. Hina on her part has however denied the rumors, but she has mentioned that talks are on and it is too early to reveal anything.  But she did confirm that she is likely to start shooting soon after a break.  It is not clear if it is a Bollywood project or any of her small screen outings.

Swami Ramdev- Ek Sangharsh funded by Baba himself?

Swami Ramdev- Ek Sangharsh is an upcoming show based on Baba Ramdev. With Kranti Prakash Jha being roped in to play the role of the yoga guru, the show is produced by Bollywood actor and producer Ajay Devgan.

However, the  grapevine is abuzz that Baba Ramdev himself has a role to play in the production team and is one among the financiers. Baba Ramdev, however, has not commented on that except mention that his brand Patanjali could be a sponsor of that show.

The buzz is also around that with the general sentiments growing against the right-wing, Ajay Devgan being a right-wing sympathizer himself would not risk into producing a show like this one, unless under political pressure.

 Whatever the scenario, it looks like there is a political cloud around this show.

All well in the Tejwani-Gauri paradise?

Post his stint at the Big Boss house; actor Hiten Tejwani took his wife on vacation to an undisclosed snowy place. The pictures of them dressed in winter wear with snow clad mountains in the background are liked much on the internet.

Despite the love that is evident in the pictures, the talk in tinsel town is that a spat in their marriage led to this vacation. Apparently, Gauri was not happy with the way Hiten warmed up to a particular woman contestant in the house. This is despite the fact that he was amongst the most loved contestant in the house.

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