Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone and their Marriage Gossip. Are They ready to take the next big step?

Jan 25, 2018, 12:58 pm, by: moGossip

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh have never confirmed nor have they denied that they are in a relationship inspite of Ranveer’s PDAs at almost all public functions. Both are making headlines in recent times and it is not just about the release of their movie ‘Padmaavat’. While reports of their dating life and probable break-ups have been doing rounds on the social media for quite some time, the couple strictly follows a policy of not discussing their personal matters to the media. The social media, however, goes ga-ga over their joint public appearances that are more than frequent. The public considers them amongst the most adorable couples in Bollywood. Few pointers that suggest that the happening couple is ready for the next big step in life such as the:

Their secret vacations together

  The couple holiday together quite often and guess what? Their families join them too on their annual vacation. Their favourite destination is the Maldives. An upscale resort in the archipelago offers them the much-needed privacy along with some cool adventure sports.

 More recently, the couple rung in New Years along with their families in the Maldives that got the rumor mills abuzz with the news of their possible engagement. However, the engagement story turned out to be just rumors and the couple is back in the Bay awaiting the release of their next magnum opus.

The recent purchase of their property in Goa

  Ever since the couple purchased their love nest in Goa in an upscale locality, the media and the public alike have been waiting for the couple to speak about their future plans. But they have been mum on their purchase and their plans for their future.

 Their sprawling property in Goa is said to be a plush bungalow with close proximity to Sunil Gavaskar’s property. Though buying a property sends out the signal theta they are ready to get hitched, Ranveer’s team has dismissed these reports.

Straight out of the horse’s mouth

  From visiting friends’ houses to more recently paying a visit to Ranveer’s grandmother, the couple has been out and about together tuning out the paparazzi. Through tumultuous times like the Padmavaat agitations, they have held each other’s back.

In a recent interview, when asked about marriage, the actress had mentioned that she is no hurry and she instead wants the relationship to grow on itself. The actress also mentioned that when she is with Ranveer, they do not need anyone else and they keep each other grounded.

 Irrespective of their decision to get hitched or not; the two successful actors are giving us some major couple goals.