Did You Hear About the Hot Gossips of the Year

Did You Hear About the Hot Gossips of the

January 4, 2018 moGossip

The year 2018 has a lot of excitement in store. From the looks of it, 2018 is going to be a great year for science and art. Looking back at 2017, here are a few things that caught the nation’s attention.

From demonetization to the ‘Virushka’ wedding and reception, there are several things that created media frenzy in 2017. So what was your favourite gossip of the year?

Here are a few controversies that had us flabbergasted.

Rajinikanth’s Grand Entry into Politics

Rajinikanth’s grand announcement or let’s just say an awaited announcement on the last day of the year, ended 2017 on the right note for his fans. Whispers are doing rounds that the BJP is behind this and we think the road is set for saffron to find its place in the southern state.

Illeana’s supposed marriage?

 Ileana D’Cruz was not someone who kept her relationship under the wraps. Her relationship with an Australian photographer was no secret. However, an interesting picture of the both of them on Instagram got the gossip mills abuzz.

Padmavati to Padmavat- The unfortunate Transition

    Sanjay Leela Bansali is no stranger to protests. And his latest venture too came with its fair share. We all saw what furor a feature film can create. So much for creative liberties in the country.  Padmavati, now Padmavat can finally see the light of the day and that didn’t come easy.

 Apparently the censor board suggested 26 cuts, but the members claim that it was just 5 modifications that were recommended.

  Priyanka Chopra’s Disclosure

  Priyanka Chopra’s appearance on the show ‘Dirty Laundry’ sure did create a hubbub in the media.  On this show, celebrities appear with some of their favourite clothes or accessories that have been with them for many years. Priyanka showed a brown leather jacket on the show and said it belonged to her ex-boyfriend. Guess what?

The favourite king of Bollywood was seen sporting a similar one on several occasions.

The Gujarat Poll Results- Head on clashes for 2019

   The nation waited for the poll results of Gujarat Assembly elections with bated breath. Though the results were a breather to the ruling party, not much celebration was seen.

We saw what difference Congress’ wise strategy with the three men made. Will they come up with something as interesting for 2019? Well we can only wait and watch.

Rahul Gandhi’s infamous rating

  The opposition like many of us has had a rough year. To top it all, the party’s General Secretary Rahul Gandhi’s name was included in the infamous list of ‘worst politicians in India’ across several web pages.

And this came about right before his elevation as the party chief. Looks like a carefully planned ploy.

 The political turmoil in Tamil Nadu- Who is to blame?

 After the demise of the beloved leader, late Chief Minister J.Jayalalitha, Tamil Nadu saw an exaggerated drama. With the commotion and alliances and separations that ensued, people and politicians blamed the centre.

The drama about Mani Shankar Aiyar’s remark followed by Modi’s statement

If you are someone who follows elections in the country closely, you must be aware of the melodrama that comes before each one. Gujarat Assembly polls weren’t any different. From Mr. Aiyar’s derogatory remark on the PM to Modi’s statement on the Ex-PM, Mr.Singh this poll too saw several pre-planned incidents.

Hansda Shekar’s book controversy- Political vendetta?

 The book ‘The Adivasi will not dance’, an honest collection of short stories was called-off from sales. As citizens we know these kind of protests are timed to camouflage the slipups and this one was no different.

Well we have lived in India long enough to make such predictions.

Bhagat’s plagiarism row

 The Literary scene in 2017 saw some interesting turns. Like a woman author who claimed that Bhagat’s latest was plagiarized from her short story. Soon word spread that this too was a trick by certain Bollywood bigwigs who were apparently intimidated with Bhagat’s growing success; with his move into production and all that.

 Here’s to 2018 and more gossips.


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