The winning stroke of Modi and Amit Shah led BJP

The winning stroke of Modi and Amit Shah led

December 20, 2017 moGossip

The winning of #assembly elections in #Himachaverdict and #Gujaratcerdict sets the #gossip clear amongst the corridors of #politics and #power -‘writing on the wall’ for the #LokSabhaelections2019 is clear and evident. Undoubtedly, its #BJP #Modi and #Amit Shah, all the way …which we hear across all platforms.


BJP it seems is in the “shirshashan” mode ……ready to do all required to be ‘successful’…continue the winning stroke, all for itself, till time and tide are in its favour; Congress with all the infighting and in-house backstabbers and lack of ground level mobilization is in “shavasana”, defensive button on auto mode. The AAP Aadmi party is in “Sarpshirshasan”, just looking for opportunities- loopholes to sting along with all the other regional parties.  


The people of this great country called #India having super yogic tradition dating thousands of years back are practicing “pranayama” to control their BP, Cholesterol levels…..Insulin secretion, Constipation problems ….. and hence pretty cool about everything …be it #education scam, #agriculture, #farmersuicides, killings and attacks on borders as long as #MakeinIndia #Vikas #StartupIndia campaigns glitter and yes  chant  positivity mantras as long as every thing happens for the first time in India and is historic under the present regime.


A truck driver turned “Guru” with properties worth millions now in jail however a chai-wala turned #PM of the worlds largest democracy India ruling the popularity charts and growing from strength to strength …in spite of questions from hushed quarters of the fear seeping in across quarters and the deep polarization  …. ..talks a lot about ‘we the people of India’. And its not only India but globally also the trends seems the same which is a reflection on the society which is emerging all across and not the leaders or parties …


India is divine –it forgives and forgets and loves to be cheated and molested by the depraved. No wonder we are incredible to accept all the blunders and mistake …Who is wrong and who is right is meaningless..because ..the Kings can do no WRONG and just like in corporate….its the bottom line that matters…Winning is all that matters to all … and by what means is a passé.


Education, Hard work, Character, Conduct   are no longer requirements for idolizing “success” – speeches may be hollow…but they should move the crowds …emotional –religious pitches … raising of voice   and ample theatrics is the new culture and conduct be it within the parliament or outside …loved by the current populace. Keep showering attacks without any proofs….it hardly matters …as long as all the machineries are in control.




Do yoga and everything will be fit and fine ……especially practice  “shirshasan” and you will get the right health to see things in the “right” perspective; demonetization will bring back all the black money, GST will help control the spiraling prices, social media will replace advertising agencies and newsroom, unemployed will get employment as Rama Bhaktas ….Gau rakshaks ….and so and so forth ….vandalize the entire Ramrajay and all the multiplication of wealth of a few select is no more corruption but business output …so what if its not a ‘’damad’   but a ‘yuvraj’ now what if journalists and investigators are brutally murdered …all is for the service to the nation.


In the name of economic development introduce plans and policies which swiftly move the money from the lower and middle class accounts filling the coffers of the upper business class ….. what if the farmers are dying ….the coming generations will eat houses and building and bullet trains and IITs and IIMs will  build #startups selling fruits and vegetables and trade goods whereas the actual producer dies out of hunger. And finally, you have Congress right from Nehru to Gandhi to Sonia to Rahul to blame for all what is happening, as the other end is sacrosanct.  

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