Technology and social media has take humanity out of life, people kept filming but no one rescued the

Technology and social media has take

December 5, 2017 moGossip

There is no cause greater than humanity

A very shocking incident doing the rounds on 3rd December was that a 20 plus Sikh Man immolated himself in Sakur Basti Railway Station, Delhi. Yet it was more appalling that in a crowded railway station no one came to the rescue of the man who decided to end his life. The onlookers took out their phone and began filming the mishap but none came fore to save the man.

The man was 20 or above and was seen wandering around the station before he set fire to himself. Eyewitnesses reported that he seemed depressed and unhappy before he finally poured kerosene on his body and struck a match. Within seconds he was ablaze and this whole development took less than 5 minutes.

Amongst hundreds of spectators and many railway officials the man succumbed to burns and ceased to exist after 10 minutes. Watching this horrific scene in front of their eyes, did nobody felt any emotion in their hearts to rescue the dying helpless man? Were they not stirred by his screams and despair? Hundreds of people and not a single one even attempted to rescue that man, isn’t it disturbing to know. It was barbaric to watch him reduce to cinders and not act. His corpse remained at the station premises for hours before it was removed to mortuary.

It’s true that technology and Social media have taken the intrigue out of life but has it also made people heartless and less humane? There was time to aid and rescue him but all they just did was to let him burn and film the whole incident like it was some circus entertainment. Is this the kind of world we want to live in?

A citing appeal to all our readers: Please help someone when the need presents and save Humanity. Don’t let it die. Share your thoughts on the same in our comment section.

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