“Keep the fire ablaze in you” Defying prejudices, orthodoxy and age bar; this 67 year old woman fulfilled her dream of higher education.

“Keep the fire ablaze in you” Defying

December 4, 2017 moGossip

Like our choices our dreams also define who we are.  

Dreams are our vision, they are a projection of how we want our reality to be.  Each individual in his life sets certain goals for himself.  They give us a sense of power and pride. And for that feeling we chase our dreams, nurture them in our hearts and souls despite setbacks. We Begin again and find a way to realize them in consequence of disappointments and failures.

Dreams give meaning to the chaotic humdrums of our lives.

This is the story of M. Chellathai hailing from Sattur, Tamil Nadu.  In 1960s India, it was uncommon for women to pursue education and higher studies.  Girls were married off as soon as they attained puberty and the only skill expected of them were household work and to be of good character. Their only toils aside from laboring in the house were to bring up the children with good morals and their daughters in the same vein.

Breaking away from the conventions, M. Chellathai had envisioned a different path for herself. She wanted to pursue higher studies but her father tore up her application from Queen Mary’s college. His orthodox thinking encompassed that education was not in good taste for women and soon after he married her off.  Her husband like her father cherished the same principles and put down her request of studying further. Much later in their marriage, after her father’s death, he relented a little and allowed her to work in Tamil Nadu Civil Supplies Corporation.  

She retired in 2009 after holding the designation of clerk and after her husband’s death in 2013 she set on her university education plan and laudably completed her M.A in History. She utilized funds from her retirement benefits to sponsor her education and enrolled herself in a programme by Governor Banwarilal Purohit, the Chancellor of Tamil Nadu, Open University. On November 28, she was awarded the Post graduate degree by Madras University at the age of 67 which is a record by itself.

All hail this woman of iron will, unbending strength and free-mindedness. “I educated my daughters. They have always motivated me. Every young student I speak to reminds me of the opportunities I have now. One of my daughters helps me at home with the studies.”

M. Chellathai is unstoppable in her aspirations. After successfully concluding her M.A in History, she now wants to pursue law. She is a ocean of motivation for everyone who have ventured to fulfill their dreams and have suffered setbacks. This woman suffered multiple setbacks but never gave up. She kept her desire alive in her heart and the fire blazing in her belly and this is the result of her dedication. Her struggles are a loud message to everyone, “Keep Going.”

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