6 Easy, Fast and Effective ways to lose

Nov 28, 2017, 4:20 pm, by: moGossip

Urban woman’s biggest fear is that extra pound of flab on her tummy or an increased waist-line. Nobody wants to be out of shape and look hideous and yet they want to eat what they like, how much they like.

Exercise is another royal pain in the ass. Our slumpy and tiring schedules forestall us from maintaining a proper exercising regime. It’s obvious that after we are finished with our busy schedules we just want to hit back and relax and eat comfort food instead of skipping rope, running or doing an hour in GYM.

Yet as there is a paradigm shift in lifestyle it becomes more imperative by the day to maintain our fitness and stay in shape. Aside from dangerous diseases, lack in fitness also bring about under-confidence, lesser popularity and lower performance in public spheres.

We would like to share some commonly easy yet efficacious pointers with you that would abet you with your weight loss plans.

Note: This article is about losing pounds to shape up your flabby handles, not on obesity and it’s cruel aftereffects. Also please absorb that weight loss cannot be achieved at a drop of hat. Losing weight is a journey and requires higher level of commitment like timely sleep, proper diet and proper meals. Having said that it’s also not a Herculean task and with smart management and planning can be achieved relatively fast.

  1. Include Green Tea in your diet. A must and unavoidable if you want to tone down quickly. Drink it all times of the day but avoid it after 6 in the evening and you can drink as much as 4-5 cups in a day.  Another miracle drink is Ginger-lemon water. It helps you detox fast and removes toxics from your body.

  2. Eat as much salads and greens as you can. Lettuce leaves. Kale, Spinach, Avocado, Broccoli and Asparagus are god-sent solutions for people trying to shape up. One misconception we have is that Greens are not tasty enough. Wrong! There are some beautiful and tasty salad recipes you can lift off from the net. Once you start digging up these recipes include them wholly in your diet. They won’t taste like Fried Chicken but they are absolutely 100% healthy and will bring you closer to lokking like Victoria Secret’s Model.

  3. Use Nuts in your Diet. Almonds, Walnuts and Pistachios are a rich source of fat and provide you with the energy to function all day. Note: Without fats in your diet you will find it hard to function during the day and nuts are the most wholesome and healthy source of fats. But don’t exceed the amount to more than 10 nuts in total.

  4. Replace your carbs with proteins. The best way to lose weight is to eat a protein rich diet and forsake the crabs. If you are a non-vegetarian than there are limitless options for you. Salmon, Chicken, Fish, Eggs etc etc. But for a vegetarian the options zero down to Tofu, Paneer, Pulses and all. Try to replace your regular ROTI-SABJI with Chicken Oats or Tofu Oats. This will give you results very fast.

  5. Eat fruits with high water content. Watermelon, Musk melon, Grapefruits, Apples, Oranges, Pineapple and other citrus fruits help you in combating weight gain and improves your metabolism and system of Gastronomy.

  6. Exercise. You must take out at least an hour to exercise if you want quick results. Clubbing exercise with above stated diet changes increases your weight loss tendency. Exercise acts as a catalyst for burning down fat and melting away undesired flesh.  A pro tip- keep your exercises brisk and intense. Do squats, power yoga, Sprints, Stretching for best results.