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November 17, 2017 moGossip

Every day we witness how insensitive our society is becoming day by day; rapes, hit and runs, murders etc show us the real face of our society and it looks horrifying. The Internet world has been no different than the real world. However, people hide their true selves on the internet but the true identity of our society is revealed yet again by a large number of memes on this poor boy Kamlesh, who clearly needs help getting a better life.

The clip that has made Kamlesh an internet sensation is a part of a beautiful documentary Nashebaaz: The Dying People of Delhi by Dheeraj Sharma. The documentary focuses on a recent study by National Drug Dependence Treatment Centre and AIIMS shows that north of 70000 people has fallen addicts to the intoxicants on the street of our capital. If this alone is not alarming get two more alarming facts up in your mind; out of these 70000; 35% are taking inhalants like whitener and glues because they are cheaper and easily available and most of them have started as early as when they were 9-years old.

The video shows the kid is so addicted to the thing solution that he does not even want to go back to his mom, he spends 80% of his daily earnings of this solution and uses remaining 20 percent for other expenses. This 12-years old kid claims to have used them all namely beedi, cigarette, alcohol, marijuana, tube, solution etc. If this is not scary then just answer one question to yourself, IF YOU SCOLD YOUR LOVELY SON OR DAUGHTER SOMEDAY AND HE/SHE RUNS AWAY FROM HOME AND FALL ADDICT TO ONE OF THE THINGS AND DOES NOT RETURN HOME, HOW HARD ARE YOU GOING TO LAUGH?

If you can’t imagine yourself laughing at this then stop laughing at someone else’s child.


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