Padmavati trailer creates Sensation, earns

Oct 13, 2017, 5:27 pm, by: moGossip

"Padmavati trailer creates Sensation, earns Applause and crosses 15 million views in a day."
Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Padmavati trailer is finally out after much-awaited suspense and is breaking the Internet with its enigmatic visuals. 
"Padmavati" is a period film loosely based on the story of Rani Padmini of Chittorgarh and Allauidin Khilji the lecherous ruler of Delhi Sultanate.
Fans and celebs alike are dying to watch Padmavati and are simply blown away with the "insanely beautiful trailer" Top notch Bolly celebs like Rajmouli and Ranbir have praised the trailer and expressed a desire to watch the movie. 
The trailer was released on 9th October at 13:03 pm. The riddle behind this atypical timing is that back in 1303, Alluaidin Khilji attacked Raja Ratan Singh and laid siege on Chittorgarh Fort in the hopes to ravish the enchanting Padmini whose fabled beauty had stirred many. 
"Goose-bump kindling and hair-raising" that's what they say about the trailer and it has already crossed more than 15million views in 1 day. This response is a record in itself. 
From the trailer we get a glimpse of the paramount performances given by the leading acting squad. Sure as hell it's one of their finest. From dialogue delivery to screen presence they have slayed it. 
Deepika Padukone who potrays "Rani Padmini" looks captivating and hypnotizes us with her allure. Shahid has done justice to the majestic Rajput lord "Raja Ratan Singh" and mesmerizes us with his Modus Vivendi. And Ranveer Singh who essays the role of "Allauidin Khilji" brings life to the character of debauched Turk. Ranveer looks electric as he sheds his skin and becomes Allaudin khilji heart and soul. 

Bhansali like wine improves with age. He has outdone himself this time. The visuals of this film are another level and this flick is sure to be thundering cinematographic experience. 
The film was originally slated to release on November 17 this year but is now pushed to December 1.  Like all his other films Padmavati too is a classic Bhansali product but with higher evolved elegance. It has already sparked drama, hype, controversy and protests. We will know the rest after watching the flick.