YOUR GAME But My Rules!!!

Sep 28, 2017, 11:50 am, by: Shivani

The gossip girl Kangana Ranaut has given a new meaning and dimension to the notorious but highly practiced and popular word RUMOUR  -  not just a pastime but a lethal weapon too. ………..she has turned the tables; it is now –your game but my rules – no wonder the entire industry is together to sham her, but the smart girl has outsmarted them all by opening the doors of her bedroom / bathroom…….

In Bollywood, the norm had been until now of rumours and hot news …but very rarely real exposures were made and that too from the horses mouth itself; the rule was simple as mostly all were sailing in the same boat so……….. it was hush! hush! stuff! ………….sorry its my personal matter , my personal life …  ……NOT ANYMORE.   The ‘QUEEN’ has proved that not just on screen but off screen too, she is a ‘QUEEN’!  She has pitched TURTH against slander mongering and no matter how much India changes, its age-old culture still continues to win – she speaks the truth –unafraid, unashamed and un-regrettable – And Bollywood is BAFFLED……….It is not easy to stand against the WAVES …….

​BUT KANGANA HAS ......!!!​

Industry and the so called celebrities which use the cliché statement ….….. this is my personal space so please do not infringe on this but yes when we have movie promotions or endorsed events , please buy tickets and make it a success

however please do not ask personal questions not click us where we do not want ..….. …..which is practically using the ‘Çommon Man’ to their convenience and purpose   ………has got shakenup with this one GIRL called Kangana Ranaut…who has chosen not to just share with people her triumphs  but her trials too through her journey and has come across as a girl from one amongst middle class family …...where things do go wrong or one is hurt , humiliated , exploited but .. by standing upfront and accepting and fighting for it …and making all public she has indeed proved that she is a ‘public figure’ in the truest sense and worthy of all RESPECT and APPLAUD…

Breaking norms and practices and turning the tables when you’re within that caucus is not easy and needs GRIT, HONESTY, CHARACTER and a MIDAS TOUCH for sure !!!