New development could help scientists with future weather predictions in Space!
moGossipMarch 13, 2018

Science gossip has it that scientists have mapped and recreated solar bursts in 3D using three NASA satellites to help them predict how such events could endanger spacecraft and astronauts.

Brand New Porsche Impounded Just 10 Minutes After It Was Bought
moGossip March 13, 2018

Buzz is… An Australian man took his new ‘Porsche Cayenne’ for a joyride immediately after purchasing it, and within 10 minutes his vehicle got impounded for 30 days for speeding and using a

Teenage fake cop finally arrested!
moGossip March 13, 2018

A 14-year-old in USA wore uniform, carried fake guns, and drove a white Ford Explorer with red and blue emergency lights and even puller drivers over while posing as a deputy sheriff.

Burger-Flipping Robot Suspended After Just One Day On Job
moGossip March 13, 2018

Buzz is… A California burger joint suspended burger-flipping robot within one day as they were short of humans to prepare the patties and then pile on the fixins. Also, they were unable to hand

Penguins Found A Camera
moGossip March 12, 2018

Gossip has it that two emperor penguins in Antarctica came across a camera left on the ice by a human and the naturally curious birds filmed themselves chirping, cocking their heads, perking up a

Bengaluru Top Cop Wins Praise For Saluting Schoolboy
moGossip March 12, 2018

Social media is all praise for this top cop after a viral video, in which a schoolboy walking past Bengaluru police commissioner T Suneel Kumar stopped to give him a salute and the cop promptly r

Hospitality gossip!
moGossip March 12, 2018

The Plum machine, a new trend in luxury hotels across the globe, preserves 2 opened wine bottles for weeks at perfect serving temperature and serves a glass with one touch.

Chennai bypass to have exclusive bike lane
moGossip March 12, 2018

The state is planning to build a lane dedicated to two-wheelers at Chennai Bypass, the stretch between Perungalathur and Puzhal, to curb accidents that mostly affect two-wheelers fatally.

Auto driver returns bag, earns free education for his kids
moGossip March 12, 2018

When a Mumbai auto rickshaw wala Amit Gupta returned bag full of cash belonging to Sarla Namboodiri, who runs a school, gratified Sarla offered to teach his 2 kids for free.

Women say no to high heels!
moGossip March 12, 2018

Increasingly, women across the world are merging fitness, style and comfort, by choosing comfortable footwear like flats and sneakers over high heels.

Thane, 1st in India to have district cooling system under UNEP
moGossip March 12, 2018

Here, commercial structures like hospitals, malls, IT parks, etc. will be provided centralized cooling using chilled water, which will curb energy consumption by 40-50%.

Commuters on Mumbai locals will now get medical support from staff
moGossip March 12, 2018

#MustHave gossip has it that training in first aid will be given to local train staff including ticket checker, station managers, and even the cleaners, and shoeshine workers, by National Disaste

Manashi Saharia for winning  #VoiceIndiaKids2
moGossip March 12, 2018

Manashi Sahariah from Palak Muchhal's team takes home the winning trophy and a winning amount of Rs 25 lakhs.

An Indian man is spreading relevant Gandhian values in Indonesian and across South-East Asia!
moGossip March 12, 2018

Agus Indra Udayana has set up 4 ashrams in Bali and Lombok, which have tremendously benefited local people with their services and teachings based on brotherhood, self-reliance, environment, peac

‘Mahi Way’ makes its way into Netflix!
moGossip March 12, 2018

This YRF finite series, which aired on Sony in 2010, was one of the most sensible series on TV. Although, it failed to garner TRPs, it was much loved by the youth then.

Sunny Leone biopic in the pipeline...
moGossip March 11, 2018

a Sunny Leone biopic web-series that will map her incredibly dramatic life from being an Indian in Canada to becoming an adult star to Bollywood actress, and many other unknown aspects of her lif

Millennial gossip!
moGossip March 11, 2018

Watching YouTube videos, Instagram demos, and Facebook tutorials make people feel overconfident about acquiring all sorts of new skills, reveals a new study. This could not be too flattering, as

Diu is India's First Union Territory to Run Completely on Solar Power
moGossip March 11, 2018

Other Indian UTs and states can take a cue from this green gossip, as after the installation of solar power plants, powers cuts, which the UT faced earlier, have significantly reduced.

Chinese spacey gossip!
moGossip March 11, 2018

The competitive nation is building a reusable space plane that can launch small satellites into low Earth orbit (Leo) and with capabilities that match up with its US counterpart, X-37B.

Railway To Launch First Women Gang For Coach Upkeep On Women’s Day
moGossip March 11, 2018

Northeast Frontier Railways has trained and deployed a 20-member women gang for it in Guwahati.


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