Karnataka Girl Saves Brother From Raging Cow
moGossipFebruary 18, 2018

A CCTV footage from Karnataka’s village has gone viral, in which eight-year-old Aarti is seen pushing around her little brother Kartik on a toy car as a raging cow charges at them, and she risk

Andhra Farmer Puts A Poster Of Sunny Leone
moGossip February 18, 2018

to ward off evil eye, Andhra Pradesh farmer having a good crop, put a picture of Sunny Leone next to his farm so that people don't look at crops and the trick has indeed worked!

Beware ladies!
moGossip February 18, 2018

Study gossip has it that packaging materials use Perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs), which penetrate in our bodies through the food or the clothes we wear, get into our blood stream, and lower our

Purab Kohli marries girlfriend Lucy Paton in dreamy Goa wedding
moGossip February 18, 2018

The ‘Rock On!’ actor recently got married to his British girlfriend Lucy Paton in Goa. They are proud parents to a 2-year old daughter, Inaya.

Asha Bhosle honoured with fifth Yash Chopra Memorial Award
moGossip February 18, 2018

With melodious voice like none other, illustrious music career of nearly 7 decades and over 11,000 songs recorded in 20 different languages, Asha tai is the perfect recipient of the award.

Woman posing as man marries twice, held after dowry complaint
moGossip February 18, 2018

Buzz is… A woman who posed as a man convincingly enough to marry two women in three years has finally been arrested after a dowry complaint. Krishna Sen alias Sweety Sen enticed women on social

A soda a day may cut your chances of conceiving
moGossip February 18, 2018

Study gossip has it that intake of sugar-sweetened beverages, in both females as well as males, is associated with 20 per cent reduced fecundability, which is the average monthly probability of c

Doctors perform surgery under mobile flashlight
moGossip February 18, 2018

Doctors in one of the busiest state-run hospitals in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh conducted a surgery under a mobile's flashlight due to lack of proper lighting in the operation theatre. Apparently,

This Guy Rode To Hampi-Hassan-Mysore On A Bike. With His Dog
moGossip February 18, 2018

Buzz is…. Unwilling to give up travelling, Gowtham Kumar took pet dog ‘Chandramouli’ along. Taking care of the dog on the way, Gowtham also learned some amazing travel tips.

जिस देश मे केवल लड़की के सिर्फ़ आंख मटकाने...
moGossip February 17, 2018

With A Whole New Cast, ‘Shrimaan Shrimati’ Is Coming Back On TV
moGossip February 17, 2018

Buzz is… It will have old characters, original premise and iconic dialogues. New star cast includes Barkha Bisht as Prema Shalini, Suresh Menon as Dilruba, Samir Shah as Keshav Kulkarni and Suc

‘Ki & Ka’ moment of tennis star Serena Williams!
moGossip February 17, 2018

Buzz is… As Serena Williams made a comeback with a Fed Cup match, husband Alexis Ohanion got their 5-month old daughter to the match, fed her, and even had her cheering for her mother.

Amy Schumer gets married in sudden secret ceremony
moGossip February 17, 2018

Comedian Amy Schumer says ‘I do’ to chef and cookbook author Chris Fischer in a secret and elegant seaside ceremony in Malibu, California.

Deepika Padukone's Foundation Is Posting The ABC Of Mental Health
moGossip February 17, 2018

Gossip has it that Deepika Padukone’s The Live Love Laugh Foundation (TLLL) is posting on its Instagram account the ABCD of mental health by breaking down the meaning of terms and making them e

Sunidhi Chauhan joins Pritam and Badhshah in Dil Hai Hindustani 2
moGossip February 17, 2018

Gossip has it that Sunidhi Chauhan has been roped in to join Pritam and Badshah as a judge in the singing reality show ‘Dil Hai Hindustani 2’.

Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Quietly Broke Up Last Year
moGossip February 17, 2018

Hollywood star couple recently declared that they had ‘mutually and lovingly’ ended their over 2 years of marriage last year, away from media glare.

Snoring Man On Train Kept Up All Night
moGossip February 17, 2018

a man snored so loudly in a LTT-Darbhanga Pawan Express’s compartment that other passengers made him stay up as punishment, so that they could sleep.

Parents Have Deceased Son’s Twins After Using His Preserved Semen
moGossip February 17, 2018

A couple in Mumbai became grandparents of their dead son’s twins via IVF and surrogacy by using his semen, which he had saved before dying in a sperm bank in Germany.

A Coin To Decide Job Postings
moGossip February 17, 2018

Shocking gossip from Punjab has it that the technical education minister chose between 2 candidates for a lecturer’s post in an institute in Patiala by flipping a coin, yes you read it right!

Jharkhand man cycles 600km in 24 days
moGossip February 17, 2018

A daily wage labourer’s wife, who had gone missing from her village in Jharkhand, was found in Kharagpur, after her husband relentlessly cycled for 600 kms to find her.


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